SELLE ITALIA SP-01 Titanium Superflow S


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The new SP-01, result of a cutting-edge combination of carbon properties, introduces a revolutionary concept of style, skilfully combining comfort, aesthetics and resistance. This product stands out for its innovative and adaptive rear frame, divided into two independent parts following the special “suspension link movement”. Its shape is designed to effectively support the movement of your pelvis without compromising your stability while pedaling. The Superflow techonology completes this product, by allowing an optimal and so comfortable riding positioning. Lastly, the design stylishly conveys inspirations from the world of automotives.

Futuristic design, superb comfort and outstanding performance: SP01 is ready to represent the brilliant benchmark of a new saddle idea.


S 180g/ L185g




S 130x288mm /L 142x288mm


Titanium Tube Ø7



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SELLE ITALIA SP-01 Titanium Superflow S

Out of stock