Press-In, Flanged, Double-Row, stainless steel Bottom Bracket solution for BB86/92 framesets to BB30 style cranksets – Black


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BKC-0861 – TorqTite, Ceramic-Hybrid, XD-15, Angular Contact, Bearing Bottom Bracket for BB86/92 Framesets and Shimano 24mm Cranksets
An Enduro Bearings exclusive, our XD-15 Pro BBs feature XD-15 15° Angular Contact cartridge bearings pressed into precision machined aluminum cups that thread directly into the BB shell. Utilizing the same XD-15 steel as our XD-15 Corsa bearing, Enduro XD-15 Pro bearings offer a 15° angular contact sealed bearing in a standard-sized cartridge. XD-15 Pro bearings feature deep-groove raceways allowing maximum-sized Grade 3 Silicon Nitride ceramic balls for increased contact area and improved performance and longevity. Enduro XD-15 Bottom brackets are manufactured to the highest standards at the Enduro Bearings production facility in California, USA. Enduro XD-15 bearings combine corrosion-proof, cryogenically treated nitrogen steel races with Silicon Nitride Grade 3 ceramic balls in a proprietary process that results in the ultimate high-performance bearing setup.

Find out why Bike Radar reported the XD-15 as “Hands down, the best bottom bracket we have ever tested.” We are sure you will agree that we offer an unlimited lifetime bearing and race warranty. The most impressive feature of these bearings is, unlike other bearings, they only get better with use. As the bearings wear in, the balls make the races even smoother. So when compared to other ceramic-hybrid bearings on the market that claim speed and power advantages on day one, Enduro XD-15 bearings not only provide the same initial benefits on day one but will get even faster and smoother with time and use. In contrast, the other ceramic-hybrid options will only get slower.

Finding the right bottom-bracket solution for the ever-growing range of bicycles on the market is not always easy. At Enduro, we currently offer over 50 bottom brackets for various Bottom bracket shell and crankset combinations in multiple price/performance levels. Enduro bearings offer threaded options for BSA, BSA 30, Italian, and the robust T47 system. For press-fit Bottom brackets, we created the oft-copied, thread-together Torqtite Bottom brackets and press-fit Delrin Cup options. We even offer flanged, double-row bearings to fit 30mm cranksets in BB86 shells!


BKS-7015 – Press-In, Flanged, Double-Row, stainless steel Bottom Bracket solution for BB86/92 framesets to BB30 style cranksets
This press-in solution allows you to fit your BB30-style cranks directly into your BB86/92 frameset. It’s a tight fit with the limiting factor of just 41mm inner diameter of the BB86/92 bottom bracket shell, and it requires a unique solution to accommodate a 30mm BB spindle. By utilizing flanged double-row bearings that press directly into the BB shell, we can maximize contact area by doubling the number of balls per side to provide a long-lasting solution in a tight space.

This complete Bottom bracket features Flanged, Double-Row bearings with 440C stainless steel balls and races to provide long life and superior corrosion resistance in applications and environments that may be less than ideal. Included with the kit are seals to protect the bearings from the elements and a selection of spacers to allow you to tune your chain line precisely.

Though stainless steel may have about 20% less load capacity and is slightly softer than our standard 52100 chromium steel used in most of our bearings, stainless steel is an excellent alternative for use in wet conditions, if you wash your bike often, or where sweat can be a problem. Enduro Bearings also uses LLB-type seals and CRC Marine Grease in these bearings to additionally waterproof against the elements. We are so confident in the quality and performance of these bearings Enduro provides a three-year anti-corrosion guarantee.

This is just one of the huge solutions Enduro makes for the wide range of Bottom bracket standards on the market today. For the full range of BB solutions, please check out our BB Solutions Chart. Enduro offers a solution for any configuration at multiple price/performance levels, ranging from standard ABEC-3 to XD-15 Ceramic Hybrid bearings featuring a lifetime guarantee.

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Press-In, Flanged, Double-Row, stainless steel Bottom Bracket solution for BB86/92 framesets to BB30 style cranksets – Black
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